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cellphoneUn-presidented access to the Weather forecasts. Metris website has a responsive design ... this means our forecast content is taylored to work on your mobile. A custom menu that hides to preserve precious display space ... and is touch friendly.
Frost forecasts will take advantage of the highest resolution mesoscale used by custom forecast providers. A 1.7km grid-scale domains covering all of our frost forecast areas from Central Otago to Auckland. Custom algorithm's that tune mesoscale data. That doesn't however remove the need for the 25 plus years of experience in forecasting frosts.

Forecasts method

metris forecasts are 'specific'. Metris forecasts are comfortable with being wrong on occations, rather than being general and uninformative. You won't find the words 'possible showers with a low risk of rain' in our forecast. Our detailed forecasts are crafted from high resolution forecast models, we run our own WRF nmm mesoscale model as well over the first 5days of our forecasts. An Upgrade to nmm B is likely this Winter.

Metris advantage is also in the fact that our forecast has Horticultural training, as we forecast disease risk for a range of crops makes gives us another significant edge.

Given we are working in an increasingly 'web based' age ... Metris has in house web authoring ability. PHP, mysql, html ... xml. The website is a responsive design ... that is it adapts to your devise ... cell phone, ipad, android ... windows for mobile ... and good old desktop ... it just works.

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Dashboard contents

History... a bit of history. Rainfall total for the month. Growing degree day data. Yesterdays highs lows rainfall and ET ... off our network of weather stations. Now ... current observations, and situation. "What happening?" (the future).A good short forecast for the day ... ready at the get go. That some of the ideans envisaged for the Dashboard. Great place to go when you start-up.